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After months of warm-weather clothes ruling the summer, September is finally here which signals the end of the summer season and evokes the beginning of a new fashion year. With a back-to-work and school feeling in the air, we’re all experiencing a period of reinvention, the amalgamation of the outside world and the fashion world. Consumers are also anticipating the progression of the exciting shift that has been breaking the fashion norms and shaking up the fashion world for the past year.

Over the last year, important barriers started to break down with the integration of important values like inclusion and diversity in the fashion industry. We saw high-level appointments, like those of Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton, Edward Enninful at British Vogue, Rihanna pairing with the world’s largest conglomerate ‘LVMH’ to launch a her Fenty fashion brand and the appointment of 24 year old Atlanta-raised Tyler Mitchell, who became the first black photographer to shoot the cover of Vogue (featuring Beyoncé) in the iconic fashion magazine’s 125-year history.

Earlier this year, ESPN writer Nick DePaula reported that Beyoncé walked out of a meeting with Reebok due to their lack of diversity, which has since then, raised great awareness on the lack of diversity occurring in various corporations, particularly in the fashion industry.


According to Forbes, now more than ever, consumers are vigilant as to whether brands are incorporating inclusion and diversity into their values and this has a major influence on their spending power. Millennials, being today’s most active and influential consumer group, wants to feel included and are more likely to favor brands who make them feel that way. In order to win over this influential consumer group, fashion brands are now compelled to become more race, gender and size inclusive for maximum exposure and profitability.


The fashion world is now obsessed with the topic of innovation. In this ever-evolving industry, innovation is crucial for building excitement, delivering added value in an unconventional manner and providing captivating experiences to all sorts of consumer groups. Innovation also separates the notable brands – those brands that make you want to come back for more, from the mediocre.

Innovation takes place at the crossroads of fashion and technology, representing a powerful way to connect consumers to brands while providing distinct experiences. With constant revolution at our fingertips, brands now have the opportunity to create innovative experiences which could be tailored specifically to a particular audience, thereby bringing a level of exclusivity to their customer experience.

In a world of mobile-centric millennial consumers, where their aspirations are global, choices are diverse and influences are communal, brands must prioritize innovation as a crucial factor to be able to stay ahead of the game and to keep millennials hooked to their brand.

Consumers are demanding a greater focus on building quality relationships with the brands they love. To be able to strengthen the consumer-brand relationship and retain the bond with customers, brands are progressively investing more time and resources into finding captivating interactive ways to engage with their customers, while providing them with an enhanced online and in-store experience.

Interactivity not only guides the customers throughout the entire purchasing cycle but also provides targeted and personalized content, leading to customer retention. 

Beyond providing personalized experiences, interactivity delivers a new perspective to a brand’s customer journey. Brands are now seeking to partner with fashion tech startups in order to bring fresh, mesmerizing ideas to the table that will enhance their customer experience across all channels.


This new fashion year, we’re expecting brands to continue to burst out of the archaic fashion warp in order to stand out. Hence, the continuous need for them to create a dynamic strategy that will generate an enhanced, fascinating and more engaging experience for consumers.

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