Technology and Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

How Sustainability and Technology are changing the Fashion Industry

With the rise of attention to sustainability and technology in the fashion industry, brands are now challenged to figure out how to do more with advanced and eco-friendly methods. Thanks to a combination of new technologies and a drive to the sustainable movement, a new level of creativity is the savior of fashion advertising as interactive ads are finally coming into the mix.

Because this generation is greatly evolving with the use of smart devices and with millennials are changing their shopping patterns to accommodate the sustainability movement, the fashion industry is more driven to improve its ecological, social and technological footprint. Industry leaders and emerging brands are now rethinking as well as employing sustainable innovative practices that aim to get users engaging with ads beyond the traditional method of flipping through pages in magazines, sighting a billboard for half a second, or clicking through a sea of seemingly endless web banners in order to get to a brand’s website or purchase an item. 

This has resulted in an intense desire for interactive advertising in the fashion industry which is based on the fact that advertising interaction moves the consumer’s imagination. It provides authentic entertainment brought to both the fashion and retail world, compelling consumers to engage and take quality actions in a way that is ecological. Although quality and aesthetics are still the very important factors, it’s clear that brands’ technological, environmental and social behaviors are playing an increasingly critical role in purchasing decisions. According to VOGUE Business, “more than a third of consumers have switched from their preferred brand to the ones with more responsible practices when purchasing fashion goods.”   

So how can brands in the fashion industry use technology to provide a fresh experience for their consumers while embracing the sustainability movement? Find out how we use our VISORE technology touchscreens to bring brand and consumers closer through interactive storytelling and commerce while encouraging sustainability in the industry. 

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