Less Fashion Stores, More Fashion Stories
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As the world is constantly evolving to become more virtual, consumers increasingly crave new experiences, moving away from the product itself and gravitating towards remarkable customer experiences. In order for brands to catch up to consumers ever-evolving desires for more experiences, they must adapt to wowing their customers with brand stories and experiences.

With the rise of commercial technology and online experiences, the media is fast becoming the store. Brands just can’t rely solely on using more brick and mortar stores to push products to consumers. How can brands keep up with this ever-evolving need for something new? In order for brands to survive, they must empower the consumers with the new experiences they seek. Stories remain the most powerful method of empowering consumers with new experiences and the most efficient way of directly connecting the brands to consumers. Using stories, brands deliver fresh experiences, foster a friendship bond with their customers, build communities, and define cultures. They assist in informing consumer decisions, nurture their imaginations and solidify their conversion even more.

Research has shown that great brand stories not only engage consumers, but they also establish brand loyalty and that the best stories stay with people long after they’ve flipped a page or turned off a screen. According to a recent survey by Business of Fashion, “Brands can’t be just about distributing products, they need to be distributing experiences, that means placing less emphasis on stores, shopping and more emphasis on entertainment, hospitality and community”. For brands to be able to stand out in a saturated retail environment, they need to continuously embrace the movement towards offering a remarkable customer experience, a sense of community and exceptional brand stories that create a connection with their consumers. Each brand has a story to tell that sets them apart from their competitors. If consumers can relate to a particular brand story, they are more likely to become loyal to that brand.

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