LFW SS20 Moves in on Fashion Sustainability

London Fashion Week Men’s SS20 Affirms its take on Sustainability

If you’re going to embark on a journey for change in fashion, it might as well be during fashion week. As sustainability remains a pressing topic in the fashion industry, it’s safe to say that brands are putting their best heel forward towards sustainability this season and we see LFWM SS20 addressing it with force.

The fashion week kicked off a season of sustainable recognition with the likes of Christopher Raeburn – a purveyor of “Remake, Reduce, Recycle” ethos, JordanLuca – a punchy emerging London brand, Studio ALCH – an explorative menswear label and the talked about designer who was recently awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Award, Bethany Williams.

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Christopher Raeburn’s SS20 collection remained true to his “Innovative & Responsible Fashion” philosophy. Channeling his vision to rework and remake fabrics into distinctive and functional pieces. The designer has won numerous awards for his designs and has an extensive portfolio of collaborations with the biggest names in the industry including Barbour, Victorinox, Moncler, Rapha and Fred Perry.

JordanLuca’s LFWM “Children of the Night” show harnessed shirred-and-slashed twisted tracksuit, photoprint sportswear and a rave-worthy rat print. This season’s collection loomed from a night-time babble of the “promise for the light that is to come”.

According to designers Luca Marchetto and Jordan Bowen “We started by looking at New Age travelers and the earth and things that were connected to the earth,” explaining their attempt to operate on a carbon-neutral basis.

Studio ALCH, an explorative menswear label, founded by Australian designer Alexandra Hackett and a newcomer to LFWM, grappled with the complexities of sustainable actions incorporated in the fashion industry. “Through visualising the body as a product and clothing as a form of product packaging, ALCH creates pieces that question the conventional practicality of non-traditional apparel fabrications and design methods that aim to increase the functionality in innovative ways.” Studio ALCH. His SS20 collection fetishized plastic while condemning its impact on the environment.

Bethany Williams – ‘I love turning waste into something cool’ says designer Bethany Williams, a representative of sustainable actions and positive change in the fashion industry. Her willpower to create a sustainable fashion brand became internationally recognized when she was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Award.

Bethany Williams believes that fashion and environmental issues are closely related and that through exploring this relationship, brands may find innovative design solutions to sustainability. Indeed, her SS20 collection featured tailored looks with hand-woven fabrics made from recycled tents at a drug rehabilitation community.

Sustainability remains a top priority issue in the fashion industry but it’s safe to say that designers are consistently making dire efforts to address the matter. London Fashion Week Men’s SS20 championed environmental challenges and celebrated sustainability as designers including Christopher Raeburn, E.Tautz, Oliver Spencer, Stella McCartney, Bethany Williams, Teatum Jones & Vivienne Westwood and more, demonstrated their commitment to embrace green energy.

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