Creating a Digital Space In Between a Magazine and a Marketplace

Paris-based creative-tech company VISORE LAB has launched its next-gen platform, VISORE X. Currently featuring brands like Prada, Nu Atelier, Etudes and more emerging fashion labels, VISORE X becomes an innovative digital player in the luxury retail game.

The platform brings shoppable editorials and videos to its users as part of the luxury shopping experience allowing brands to interact with their customers with innovative content. VISORE X produces editorial content featuring a rotating selection of the world’s best brands and boutiques. Through VISORE X, global tastemakers can discover brands, see the latest trends, shop directly from editorials and explore emerging designer’s work, all in the same place.

According to Karim Coppola, CEO and Creative Director of VISORE X, “With the pandemic accelerating the growth of e-commerce channels, we saw the opportunity to design a platform that responds to the consumer’s need of pairing unique content to commerce. One that not only has the best and trendiest brands on the spotlight but also has magazine-like type of content. We are the intersection of a magazine and a marketplace”.

A Paris-based curator of interactive digital experiences, VISORE LAB is committed to creating value through technology and collaborative creative projects that amplify the impact of fashion brands. The fashion-tech company has a solution for every milestone of fashion brands always with “content creation” as its north.

Foggy Memories for VISORE X