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The Winning Formula For Customer Engagement

Fashion brands are honing in on the art of creating compelling content to intensify consumer engagement that will instantly hook people in. When done right, it elevates the brand to a whole new world of success.

Here’s our winning formula for increased costumer engagement: CE = M [GS + PE + CA] – IS

Mobility [Great Storytelling + Personalized Experiences + Customer Analytics] – Company Silos = Consumer Engagement.

First up, Great Storytelling. A brand’s story and its narrative are as important to the consumers as the products themselves. When presented with a great story, consumers do not only  remember the details but also feel emotionally connected to the brand’s vision.

A true expert in this field is Gucci. Since taking over the position of Creative Director, Alessandro Michele has gradually and successfully penetrated the storytelling code into the world of Gucci. The luxury brand capitalized on this storytelling opportunity by creating stories that resonate deeply with today’s most powerful group of consumers, namely Millennials and Gen Z, tapping into their real interests, desires, wants and life.
Indeed, there is a fascinating story behind Gucci’s blooming garden composed of slithering snakes, golden bumblebees and the powerful royal tiger. “While the snakes exemplify knowledge in Greek and Roman Art, the distinguished bees are a symbol of nobility in Rome”. The Tigers are identified by majority of millennials as their spirit animal, representing their fearlessness and their constant desire for new challenges.
Gucci’s story creates a significant connection between the brand and millennials, thereby greatly influencing their desire to own a pair of those ace embroiled sneakers or a tiger head shoulder bag. The results were apparent in Gucci’s third quarter of 2017, when the brand reported that 50% of its sales were attributed to millennials.

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The second step to increasing consumer engagement is Personalized Experiences. This essentially means interacting with customer through content that makes them feel that their interests are being taken into account. Hence, using your content at every possible touchpoint to tailor as much personalized service to the individual customer. By giving them relevant personalized experiences that fit their needs, you steadily capture customers intention leading to increased engagement and brand loyalty.

A survey was carried out by Forbes on more than 1,000 consumers, showed that the majority of them were far from impressed by the lack of personalization in their shopping experiences. “On average, 7% expressed some level of frustration when their experience was impersonal”. The experiment justified that customers are willing to spend more money on companies that make the effort to deliver personalized experiences.

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Next is the importance of Customer Analytics. This refers to the processes and technologies used by organizations to analyze their customer habits and provide the relevant insight necessary to deliver improved offers and experiences. Consumers are now empowered and connected more than ever; they know where to shop, what to buy, the prices to pay, where to get a better deal, brand competitors, delivery options etc. This makes it crucial for organizations to obtain customer insights to understand how their target audience will behave during interactions, in order to for them to provide them with the best responses. The more an organization gets to understand their customers’ buying behavior and lifestyle preferences, the more accurate their predictions of buying behaviors will be, resulting to a better success at delivering relevant services and offers that will increase customer engagement and attract more consumers.

Internal Mobility is one of the key driving successes in an organization. Each employee within an organization should be educated and empowered to address customer needs at any time. The goal is to allow employees at all levels the opportunity for advancement, as well as personal and professional growth.

Lastly, In order to build momentum leading to increased customer engagement, it’s important to get rid of Internal Silos within an organization. “The Silo mentality is a mindset present when certain departments or sectors do not wish to share information with others in the same company” Forbes. A team needs to present a unified front in order to increase efficiency, increase productivity, motivate employees and come up with creative ways to rapidly achieve the company’s common goals. There is nothing more powerful than having all employees rowing fiercely towards the same direction.

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